Day 361 | May 22

I just realized the cross into the Day 360’s. Things are coming to an end and today would really bring that home. I spent the day catching up on work from home. In the evening we had our formal farewell dinner. I really have to hand it to everyone who worked on this. We rented out a really nice house with a great yard, had it catered by a great chef, some of our team made these great yearbooks for everyone, others put together video montages or songs. All of this looking back over the year started to break through some of my denial about this adventure coming to an end. That coupled with all of the extra wine that Stacey and I stole at dinner (whoops) ended up making this one of my more drunk nights of the year. After the dinner a bunch of us went out to a couple of bars and kept things going until the wee hours of the morning. I know it won’t mean as much to those who weren’t there but here are some looks at my past year.

If you only watch one.

Incredible diligence by Stephan.

More from our professional videographers

Some Rob style sentimentality

Finally something a little more upbeat

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