Day 363 | May 24

Back on my feet after a full day of recovery. I spent the day working from home as usual. Since living together in Mexico, Jamie and I have tried to make it a point to have at least one “date night” each month. Though… I think we’ve missed a few owing to my constant side tripping. Tonight was the last one of our travels and it went in pretty standard Ben and Jamie fashion. We had dinner and drinks at Elena in the Four Seasons and then went to the bar, Pony Line, for after dinner cocktails. I’d been keen to check out this polo themed bar since I arrived and it was cool but also just like the scene at every other Four Seasons bar around the world. After that we began a tour of speakeasys and went to Florería Atlántico which is accessed through a flower shop and then to the one behind Nicky New York Sushi that I’d hit up already. …my memory is a little vague but I’m pretty sure we called it a night after that.

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