Day 366 | May 27

This is it. I woke up early because I had to be out of my place, gathered my luggage and took it over to the lobby of one of our other apartments where we could leave it for the day. My flight wasn’t until much later that night so I was basically homeless in Buenos Aires all day. I walked over to Möoi where a bunch of us were having a final brunch. At about this point a sense of total panic started to settle on me. Anytime anyone would stand up everyone would kind of jump up “Are you leaving!? Is this it!? Is this goodbye!?”

We lost a few after brunch and those of us who were still hanging out went at just sat in Parque de las Ciencias to while away some time. Some folks were over at Sullivan’s so we went there for a while too. I remained in my jumpy state. We lounged around the lobby of this apartment building in the afternoon and slowly lost people one by one. As it happens Matt and Nicole were on my flight to Mexico City so we all left for the airport at about the same time.

It was a late flight and it’d been a hard week. I found myself dozing off in the lounge just completely exhausted from going out all week as well as the emotional toll of this adventure coming to an end and saying good bye to everyone. I started to worry I’d fall asleep and miss my flight so I made myself go stand in line so I wouldn’t doze off. Boarded the flight and promptly went to sleep. Aeromexico business class isn’t much to speak of but being able to lay all the way down on these long overnight flights is a lifesaver.

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